Web Design Trends in 2018

4 important web design trends in 2018 to consider

In this ever-changing digital marketing environment, effective web design is more important than ever.  The recent trends show that internet users won’t visit or trust websites with poor design or usability.  Research shows that 92% of adults actively search online and a whopping 89% search online before they hire someone or purchase a product! Any business that can market themselves effectively online can generate new leads, convert more customers, and strengthen existing relationships. It is important to embrace and implement the latest web technological trends that users are seeking. The year 2017 saw many changes, including the mobile usage, finally overtaking desktop browsing. So in 2018, we will see more innovations and have rich experiences.

With its entirety in mind, let’s take a broad look at some notable web design trends in 2018.

Flat Web Design

With the ever increase of mobile usage, flat design is considered a necessity today. The web designers have already started creating clean, minimalist designs that are trendy, and quick-loading. Flat design is welcomed by both mobile users who want quick-loading, engaging websites. This is the reason why flat design has started to become popular and will continue to see more growth in 2018. The components of a flat design including appealing, illustrations, and good font provides exceptional user-experiences, as visual examples display an idea of utility and simplicity.


In 2018, typography will be taking center-stage. Already, we are witnessing colourful and artistic fonts taking the place of images. Now, flashy buttons and clickable images are losing popularity. Elegant, vibrant creative text-based designs are more in demand. And those small little headers and menus are emerging into an inclination of wide, bold headers that right away announce the function of the page.

Animated logos and scroll-triggered animation

Today, with the advancement in technology, web users are in a better position to handle animations than they were in the past. Gone are the days when animations used to be flashy and disturbing, but the year 2018 will steer a new age of fine and useful animation. You can look forward to see animated logos and scroll-triggered animation. Scroll-triggered animations are getting popular as they are capable of pulling users to conversion points by inviting them to scroll contact forms and other lead generating elements on the website. Also, animated logos are powerful trends that can help businesses with brand awareness and impart lots of positive emotions immediately in the minds of customers.

Chatbots and voice user interfaces

Web designers are also paying a lot of attention to faultless interactions.  This theme is going to be trendy in 2018. Incorporation of chatbots and voice user interfaces permit users to converse or work together with your website without having to wait.

Remember, an outdated website can noticeably decrease conversions or one that lacks modern upgrades can make a customer lose faith in your business. So, hire a professional web designer to help you create a high-performing website incorporating all the essentials web design trends.

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