5 Video Marketing Tips for Small Business

5 Video Marketing Tips To Promote Your Small Business

2018 trends in Digital Marketing continue to point to all variety of Video Marketing trends for businesses. From YouTube to Facebook to web there are a hundred different ways to promote your business with video. With most companies now having a presence on the same social media platforms and interacting with their customers in similar ways, it is really getting difficult for small businesses to find a way to stand out. Rather than using another block of text that your visitors skim while scrolling through their social media feeds and emails, try using a more effective method such as video marketing campaign to get yourself noticed.

Video marketing is engaging, visual and interactive. Once the province of big-size companies with large turnover and million-dollar advertising budget, video marketing campaign is now within the reach of small businesses too. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, by the year 2019, the overall consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of complete consumer Internet traffic, and this does not even take into account of video exchanged through peer-to-peer.

If you are ready to generate more traffic, increased sales and a robust customer base, here are5 video marketing tips you can incorporate into your overall marketing mix.

  1. Incorporate user-generated content –According to digital marketing experts, user-generated content will increase engagement and consumer trust and will ultimately drive sales. As a smart marketer, you may be a good storyteller, but customers can sometimes be more effective. The user-generated content can be more convincing and powerful. You should encourage your customers and fans to create appealing content. You can ask them for this by hosting contests, giveaways or by incentivizing involvement.
  2. Explain your business concepts and products to your audience –A video is considered to be the best platform to explain a concept or product to your audience and users.  These types of videos are helpful, easy to digest and help people succeed in using your products and services.
  3. Use customer stories in videos –Your happy and satisfied customers are your best advocates. So use successful stories to inspire your video content.  This will be helpful for your customers. They will learn about the similar success they can obtain with the products.
  4. Post your videos on your Landing Pages –Your Landing pages are a digital storefront designed to push prospective customers through to your home page or your mailing list. Putting a video on the landing page creates an implicit call to action when customers click “Play” to view your pitch.  It will keep their attention fixed on your content and make them more interested in your content.
  5. Use thank you note –Using thank you note can go a long way and can even make for compelling video content. Saying thank you will make your customers feel special and make them loyal. Filming short thank you videos can foster customer loyalty and build your brand awareness.

Once you start creating marketing videos, you will be hooked by this exciting and efficient strategy. So, incorporate them into your marketing mix to take your small business to the next level.

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