New eCommerce Website – The Links Card

We are excited to release a new ecommerce website for The Links Card!

Lynchburg, VA –  We are happy to be working with another local business owner and help them launch a new website and online marketing campaign to build their business! The Links Card is a family-owned business in Lynchburg that was created in 1990 to provide discounts and opportunities for golfers to experiment and experience golf courses in new locations – local and regional. Their stated goal is to help golfers “Play More Golf for Less Green“.

828 was brought in to design and build a new website, integrate ecommerce for purchasing discount golf cards online, and to implement online marketing strategies to help grow the business.  We’re proud to complete the first part of that and release the new website and online store, and are excited to start sharing this great program with golfers all throughout the East Coast!

I want help with our business website!

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