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828 Marketing Testimonials

  • We didn’t know what exactly to do or how to do it, we just knew our customers were demanding more from us online. Steve and his team took our website and ran with it and we have been getting more leads ever since. We average more than 50 online quotes per month and just about as many online appointments. 828 has become our online marketing team and we are already expanding our services in other areas as well.

    Eric Hughes, Harris Tire Company
  • We sold a commercial property in our first 20 days after launching our new website and never looked back! We sell dozens of properties online and communicate with potential customers online more than we ever anticipated. I get leads right to my inbox, they run reports from our database, analyze trends, our SEO rankings, and more. It’s freed us up a great deal and we are actually spending less and making more!

    Chris Gentry, Gentry Commercial Real Estate
  • We put a pretty tough challenge in front of Steve and his team at 828. We needed to stand up two new ecommerce websites, and we needed it done in less than 30 days. Not only did they accept and deliver, but they went beyond just website design and development and have become our online marketing team. We’ll be taking advantage of this partnership as we expand our full line of products online in 2016!

    Karen BethamMonogram Love
  • We established our 828 with Steve and his team at 828 and challenged them to design and build our entire university, our online Student Information System, and our online classroom in just over 3 months! Not only did they deliver but less than 6 months later we were actively serving over 500 online students per month!

    Shaun RedgateVice President, Light University
  • With almost 17,000 members of SKAL International, and 400 clubs in 87 countries it is essential that each local club remain vibrant and engaged with their members. The challenge is that we live in a time where people do more with less free time, and 828 helped us make every point of contact with our members count. I’m proud to share our new website with the world!

    Keith HyattVice President

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