SEO Tips for Better Website Visibility

Here are some SEO steps for your business’ website to stay on top of the search results

Nowadays with an ease of building websites, many brands are turning to the internet and directing their focus and resources on building online brand reputation. Because of that competition has become fierce and by Google pushing down organic search results for paid listings, it has become difficult for businesses to stay on top of the search results and get noticed by customers. A page rank on Google is equivalent to how how well your website is optimized for search, the quality of the content on your site and last, but not least – how popular your website is. Improving all these aspects will lead to an increase in the rank of your website on Google and other search engines. Here are some pointers:

SEOUp-to-date and relevant content

Make sure that the content on the website is relevant to your customers and is updated and publish regularly. This is the main aspect that drives site’s ranking on search engines. Quality content created for the intended user increases the site’s traffic and user engagement, therefore increasing site’s ranking. Also, remember that a website with often updates attracts more traffic than a stagnant website does.

Use the right keywords

One of the biggest mistakes websites make is targeting the wrong keywords. Keywords are basically words that visitors use in the search engines to find your content or your website. For example, if you are selling flowers and your website name is “” should use keywords such us flowers, bouquets, roses and etc. These are words related to your domain name and words that people use to describe your products and services.  Don’t forget to embedded the same keywords in your content and meta-tags wisely. Practice and think if you were searching for your own website, products or services, what keywords would you use? The answer to this question might help you to get a different perspective.

Optimize your pages

Search engines use automated codes called crawlers to read content on your website. If these texts are not easily readable by crawlers due to it being embedded in JavaScript codes or due to other reasons, it becomes difficult for the crawlers to read them hence lowering your website’s rank on the search engines. To avoid this, make sure your content is placed outside of JavaScript codes and contain the right mix of keywords. Also, make sure your page titles are as close as possible to the search query for that topic. The meta-descriptions and headers must be accurate and match the title of that topic. They must also be unique for each page in the website.

Build Good Links

Good links increase the credibility and authority of your site. It is good to have many links, but it is also important to acquire those links from popular and reliable websites. When search engine crawlers discover your website links on other authoritative websites, the importance of your website increases and that helps to improve your site’s rank. The higher the number of links you have from quality websites, the better is your website’s rank on Google. Don’t forget to make sure that your website is easy to navigate with internal links. Adding a sitemap can be very useful for Google bots to find all the links and contents on your website.

Use Social Media

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube with their tremendous reach across geographies and demographies, are great platforms to promote your products and services. Sharing your content and blogs on social media platforms gives you credibility.

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