eCommerce Website – Harris Tire

We are excited to release a new website and tire shop for Harris Tire Company!

Lynchburg, VA – We have been working with the Harris Tire Company for years and are excited to release a brand new website and tire shop online! Harris Tire has been serving Lynchburg, Forest, and Madison Heights for 50 years! They have become the leader in local tire and auto repair service and are known for providing, “Service You Can Trust!“.

Check them out at:

We’ve been working with Steve and 828 for years and have grown our business significantly online. In fact it’s largely as a result of those efforts that we were finally pushed to release a new website and online tire shop for our customers. We didn’t have much to do and 828 took care of it for us like they always do!

– Eric Hughes

I would like help with our business website and reaching more customers.

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