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Make your marketing emails personalized and conversational for more effectiveness.

Email Marketing Trends in 2016

Email Marketing Trends

Do you find your marketing emails getting overlooked? If yes, don’t get irritated because you are not the only one. Today, most marketing people struggle to create emails that really convert to actual business. Before you start to make your emails impressive, try to place yourself in your prospects place. Your potential prospects get several emails on a daily basis. And no one has the time to read all of the emails. So they don’t have a choice but to scan all of them and decide what is worth them and what is not. And if your email goes unnoticed, it is lost forever. In today’s ever-evolving digital age, marketing strategies span all kinds of communication channels including the popular social media platforms. Still, marketing emails are a critical part of your marketing effort and an effective way to engage with your prospects. But with all this said how you will ensure your marketing emails are effective? How do you create them so that your prospects respond to it? What is the right tone for an effective marketing email?

Here are some tips to creating emails that your prospects will actually open:

Personalized subject line and engaging first two lines.

You will find many marketing people who devote most of the time crafting the message body of their emails and ignore the subject line and the opening sentences. You should craft a compelling subject line that will grab the attention of your prospects. And the first sentence should be as if it was written specifically for every individual prospect.

Keep your email short and crisp

Writing lengthy emails is one of the biggest blunders many make while creating emails. With these emails, your goals should be to extract a response. If your message is lengthy, your prospects will simply move away even if the subject line or the opening sentences catch their attention.

Keep the tone conversational

Once you get the prospect to open your email, you will want them to take interest in your message. This is also your chance to develop trust and establish a relationship. You should use a conversational tone to convey you are here to help them succeed.

Call them to an action

The purpose of your marketing email is to make the prospects take action, and action that mainly aligns with your business goals. End your email with a strong call to action. Also, limit the number of call to actions in your marketing emails. If you use too many, there is a good chance you will drive prospects away.

Once you end up your email with a call to action, include a short, concise email signature that tells who you are, how to get in touch with you, your contact number as well as a link to your website.

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