46 ECommerce Conversion Optimization Tricks

For any small business, the goal of your Digital Marketing campaign is to generate more leads.  Creating landing pages, social media ads, and targeted content are all about Conversion. If you have a great website design and get loads of traffic but you’re still not getting enough leads, you need to get serious about conversion rate optimization. This is especially important when running an online store. Just getting them to the store is only part of the process. Getting them to find the product or service they want, and complete the purchase is the goal.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a systematic process of increasing the percentage of your website’s visitors that take a desired action on a certain page. This includes optimizing the landing pages and the website overall, using real-time analytics, tested design and psychological elements, in order to turn your website visitors into customers.

The below infographic from Website Builder offers some simple, but extremely effective hacks for increasing your conversion rates. Take a look and download it for yourself to keep as a guide for things you can update over time to help yourself grow online.

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