Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Digital Marketing Trends & Strategies for 2018

Digital marketing is, in broader part, about dealing with the change. Successful marketing entails keeping abreast with the trends and knowing when to adjust the strategy. While it is difficult to predict the trends that will define digital marketing in 2018, here are some that appear to be the safest bets for defining where digital marketing is headed over the year 2018. According to experts, the rate of change in digital marketing in 2018 will increase yet again, so you need to be positive to embrace the changes taking place to stay ahead of the curve.

Emphasize on videos

If 2017 has already brought us an increase in content produced by video, the year 2018 will be the year where the video will really outpace all other content types.  Whether they are live streaming or not, they captivate more attention than other forms and have greater potential. There will be more focus on live streaming as Facebook seems to be focusing live video content over video content and video content over other types of content.

Right data for more conversions

The digital marketing experts predict that right data will result in more conversions in the year 2018.  It is important to have them to get higher conversion rates. The right data allows understanding the exact customer behavior and putting the efforts in the right place. You should try to use accurate data with the help of a right tool.


Today, chatbots have become a part of the mainstream for many businesses. Ordering products from chatbots is relatively simple. In 2018, you will find chatbots move into diverse industries with more complex transactions. It is fast becoming a customer expectation these days. So, it is worth considering how you will utilize this technique.

Micro-moment: Fast, one-touch access

Mobile devices are the main influencers in customer communications and engagement with brands globally. The concept of “micro-moments’ has driven the shift to mobile devices for most people. Whenever a person wants to inquire about something, they reach for their smartphones to do the research at that very moment. So, brands who perform well have the tendency to anticipate and address the exact micro-moment needs by offering the right information at the right time to the customers in need.

Pay heed to search

Search is a vital traffic source for most of the websites. So, it is important to keep a close eye on how search is changing. Although voice search has been around for a couple of years, but there are two interesting developments. Voice search conducted through Google app or helpers like Amazon Echo are effective. Another interesting development is the Google Lens, where you can show a camera, say for example a poster, and Google will search for the text and images within the posts. If this gains grip, it will be a great game-changer for search in 2018.

These are only five digital marketing trends for 2018 but there are certainly many more. So, you need to update your knowledge on how you can take advantage of these trends to give wings to your business in 2018.

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