Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Effective ways to boost your digital marketing strategy

“Digital marketing” is a term used to refer to the use of digital technologies to market products and services online.  For small business owners our goal is always to establish our brand, reach new customers, and interact with existing ones so we can build deeper relationships.  Using targeted marketing techniques, the goal is to grow your business by generating more leads and reaching more customers.

Of course, it’s easier said than done! Technology moves at light speed, and keeping up with today’s digital marketing challenges can be demanding. With all of the information today’s marketers are expected to process, evaluate and take into account before moving their campaign forward,  it becomes easy to lose sight of the big picture. As a marketer, you need to keep focused on things that will boost your digital marketing strategy. Effectively marketing to today’s technologically advanced consumer base includes effective content management, cross-channel techniques using social media, and mobile optimization. But most importantly, focusing on the most important part of your business journey, the customer experience, can help you improve your overall digital marketing strategy.

Let’s go over five effective ways to boost your Digital Marketing Strategy:

Enhance your customer acquisition process

Many small businesses focus primarily on getting more traffic to their website, but they don’t have a good plan in place to handle that traffic once it arrives. The process of customer acquisition involves persuading those visitors to your website to consider purchasing your goods and/or services once they get there.  To do that, you need to make sure you send them somewhere on your site where they can learn exactly who you are, what you do, and most importantly learn exactly how you can help them.  Guide them through the process and tell them what to do next so you can help them.

Enhance retention rates

How long does a person stay on your website? Are they immediately hitting the “back” button on their Internet browser and returning to Google or BING? You should take a look at the analytics data to find out what is the status, and where can you improve. If your visitors are not staying on your website for long, you should do something to increase retention rates. The more time they spend the more time you have to connect with them and establish deeper relationships.

Enhance engagement

People like to work or do business with companies that they are familiar with and know.  So, enhancing engagement on your website and social media accounts will make your business more attractive to potential customers. Remind them that you are people too. You should take time to reply to all inquiries from your website or social media platforms. Also, interact with your followers regularly.

Identify your target audience

Every business owner knows that they need to know who their customers are, but they forget this while devising their digital marketing strategies. Make some initial assumptions about your customer profile if you are unsure, and then keep a close watch on how your audience responds to your digital marketing efforts and adjust your strategies accordingly. Often times you will find that your audience is slightly different on different channels so you want to customize those messages for each.

Track your results regularly

Whenever you implement a new strategy, be clear about the desired outcomes and track whether the strategies were effective or not.  This will help you lay more emphasis on strategies that work and avoid wasting time on those that are not working. No longer do you have to work with ‘anecdotal’ evidence and assumptions about who your customers are and how they interact with your business. You can find out exactly who is visiting you on which platform, and what they are doing while they are there. This may seem trivial, but at the end of the day it may be the most important element of your strategy.

This is just an overview but if you start implementing the above-mentioned techniques to boost your digital marketing strategy, it won’t take long to see results from your efforts.


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